Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Entry That Not So Many People Like To Read ...

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Who do we think we are???

Let’s count together, how many seconds left do we have to live before we die (for real). Let’s count, starting from the number ‘0’…


You know what, we can’t even sure that we will live at the next second. ‘0’ means, yes we know we are living now, but the next second, which is after this second, are we sure that we still have this breath? Are we sure that this soul will still in this body? We are not sure… we can’t be sure.

Such a terrifying topic I bring here, for sure, free readers don’t prefer to read this stuff, because for them, we must read something about the world. Yeah rite, about foods, about songs, about movies, about fashions, about gossips… all about the current world. Are we one of these readers? Put down your finger from your forehead, no need to think. If we are still thinking of the correct answer, or maybe thinking of the rationales or reasons for being like that, let me help you: Yes most of us are a part of them, and no reason!

We are too busy looking at the branches of a tree. We do not plant any interest to the tree at all, we don’t even know what kind of tree is that. We are too busy making us feeling satisfy with our delusional world, for God sake. We are not blind, we are given maps to be followed but we choose to blind ourselves. We want to feel that this world is everything even we clearly know that it is not. It is just a tiny creation from the whole thing. This earth, this life, is a very important short period to determine our eternal future which is an important tiny part from the whole fantastic plan. The plan! We are now living on a path that specifically follow the God’s plan without any minuscule distraction. We are moving forward…

Look at ourselves. Please be shame. We live in this world following our own books, the ones that we created with our ‘super-duper’ reasons and rationales that brighten all the dark places and perfume all the fetidness of wrongdoings and sins. We deny the mighty God. By knowing that, are we scared enough? If not, please be scared.

We celebrate our sins. We are proud with our evilness. We tell our friends and laugh together to celebrate our ‘achievements’ of having sex with so many girls and women. We respect people with pervert mouth that swear and confidently talk about how good they are in knowing about how to do bad things. We listen, we laugh, we like. Okay fine, and now let’s think. With all of these achievements of fulfilling our passion to gain our self-satisfaction, how will it ends? Where do we want to bring all these things? Have we being given some kind of exception to get through the judgment day without the judgment? No judgment on the judgment day? No need to think, because I believe we straightly get the answers when we saw those question marks. Because we have these schemata, we know but we refuse to follow. Why? Because WE ARE TOO BUSY FEELING SO SATISFY.

We are not allowed to know a lot of secrets that The God keeps from us. One of them is our death. When and where. Today or tomorrow. Due to the enemies’ swords or alcohol addict. We just do not know. How about we prepare from now. Prepare for our own death, for our own future. Don’t simply say about living in heaven unless we prepare well, following the guidance that has been given, been delivered by our beloved prophet (PBUH). Have faith, don’t loose hope.

For people (including me, no exception) who are reading this and still planning to continue your never-ending-life with blings and names, please rethink.

Turn to the right path. It is still there, waiting for us to walk on it.

Count back, with faith, how many seconds left do you have:





Who do we think we are…

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